Saturday, July 09, 2011

NINJA FLASHDRIVE!!!!.... MUST READ if u wanna get rid of viruses.!

We all hate viruses and do everything to get rid of them. We install anti virus Software in our PCs and think our job is done. NO!!! its a very common fact that one of the major source of anti viruses in the PEN DRIVE that we all use daily. A pen drive is the carrier of viruses like autorun.inf , autoruns.inf,auto.exe, autorun.ini, ctfmon.exe, copy.exe, Macromedia_Setup.exe,, New Folder.exe, soundmix.exe, svchost.exe etc... and to get rid of these is a very big headache.
A really good remedy to it is to have an anti virus installed in ur pen drive! ( i.e. exclusively for your pen drive). 

The tool i m talking about is just 748kb in size and it wont effect ur PCs performance evne by 0.1%. The tool is called NINJA PENDISK.
Its features are

  • It can be set to run at startup.
  • It runs automatically if u enable it in your system tray.
  • Whenever u connect a pen drive (flash drive) it automatically cleans it up, removing any unwanted files that can be malware. 
  • This is one software u must try atleast once... if u are interested in using it. ( u shud definitely be! its just 748kb Goddam it! Give it a try! ) then click here to install it---->>



mate if you had AVG, you would not have posted that...
AVG has an option called 'Removable Device Scan'. No sooner does one plugs in a USB pen-drive, it starts its scan and reports to the user(one can also select its auto heal and delete options). In the other case it will automatically delete the unwanted files...just like your ninja ;)

i dont think AVG is 748Kb in size ;)

+ its not just AVG mate... every antivirus has the ability to scan flash drive as soon as they are plugged in... the whole concept of this article was that the ninja software if just 748Kb in size! and can be used exclusively just for flash drives. :)

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