Wednesday, July 06, 2011

eyeOS... must read!

What if all ur pc's hard disk is empty and ur personal stuff like images, music documents etc all stored safe, else where... *BLISS* :) 
Alright, i guess u all r familiar with cloud computing concept (if not click me :) now i m going to introduce u all to the world of eyeOS (an online desktop featuring almost all the features of an operating system like linux, windows etc. ONLINE!)
Here's a glance of it.... (its my profile and its the image of my desktop in eyeOS)... >>>>>>>>>>>>

  • The 1st time when u login u need to create an account for your personal data ( just like in every other website). 
  • After u log in, the 1st screen that appears (just like the image above) is same as the desktop of windows with files arranged on the left hand side..
  •  Various objects present are-
    1. Chat - u can chat with the people u have added in ur account just like gtalk ( pretty cool!)
    2. Documents- u can upload and save,edit,or create new documents online! (awsm!)... another cool feature about docs is... when u open document , on right u see 3tabs.. INFO, SHARE,ACTIVITY. Share option is too good when it comes to transferring imoprtant documents to ur friends is no time.
    here's a picta of documents window >>>>>>>

             3. Home-  it acts like the MY COMPUTER in eyeOS with all the required programs in it..
             4. How to use- it consists of all the tutorials which u must see ( i recommend ).
             5. Welcome- displays the welcome page... ( no use :/ )
  • On the top on the screen... another list of buttons is present which i m dying to share with u! :)
  1. Application- 
    > it consists of all the apps available in eyeOS like...
    Calender, file manager, Calculator, Chat, Notepad i must tell u the GUI (Graphical User Interface) is really good in eyeOS and personally i loved the calculator and calender a lot! (i know all calcu. and calenders are same but i loved them in eyeOS xD) 
  2. Files-
    > it consists of documents and images that u have uploaded and shared with ur contacts. 
  3. People-
    > this one is the CHAT part of eyeOS... here u write the username of the person u know and add him to ur contacts and then chat with him, share files,  music, images etc.. have fun!
  4. Groups-
    just like other Social networking sites... groups act as a Group of people :P

OK.... now these were the buttons present ON the desktop... some other cool features that u can explore easily are-----
  1. the Right click- right clicking on any folder will open a list of commands u can do to it...
  2. right click on the desktop and u can get loads of options to customize the way your eyeOS profile looks and functions :) by choosing SETTINGS... 
  3. right clicking on the desktop will also allow u to upload a file, or create a new folder too! just like in windows :D

I hope i explained the basics of eyeOS to u clearly, but still if u feel that u havnt understood some part properly then i wud suggest u to login and try it first yourself and explore the eyeOS world yourself :) 

>This is the new improved version of eyeOS but the first version was made way back in 2005.

>For more tutorials you can have a look of all the videos listed in the eyeos profile (that u will make)
here's the link to the website----


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