Saturday, July 23, 2011

Chameleon Folder.. amazing software!

Time is money, and to earn money we need to save time. Time saving is the need of the hour and the software I talking about will save your time definitely. 
CHAMELEON FOLDER not only allows you to access your favorite and recent folders from one simple click, but also makes the navigation much MUCH faster... 

Here are its basic features and my own personal reviews along with them ( DOWNLOAD link is at the end of the post ) :-
  • The software is just 1.80MB ( so I recommend you all to atleast try it once... you'll love it. )
  • After downloading it, you can find its shortcut in the quick launch bar or from the installed location. You can also open it by pressing MIDDLE MOUSE BUTTON (the scroll button) also anywhere in on the screen or you can use the predefined hotkey i.e. [Win key + Z]
    You can open it even when you are browsing / surfing on internet by simply pressing the hotkey or middle button! Thats cool!
  • After you open it you will see an menu like this-

  • Here you can see all you listed folders starting from the top and then you have OPTIONS tab.
    Options tab enables you to select Folders you want to select as shortcuts, preferences and filters (the GUI is simple and you can do all these stuff easily once you install it) Here's how the options window looks like-
  • It runs on all the versions of Windows, I tested this software on Windows 7 64-bit and it worked fine.
  • This software is really a time saver, and I recommend everyone to atleast try it once.
DOWNLOAD / BUY HERE ( To get full version for free, download it using torrentz )

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