Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Ever heard of 3D printing?


yes! u read it right.... with the evolution of technology the speed of new inventions has increased alot!
and the recent invention (and that too quite awesome) is about 3D printing....
We all are familiar with 2D printing which involves printing of images, text or other similar stuff of a paper. 

Ever since the invention of stereolithography machine  in 1986 (yeah m a nerd :P n i need to show off) (whats stereolithograpy?? click here (lmgtfy link :D try it!! :D ) ) the 3D priting has now advanced to a point where u can print a whole solid object using a complex and coslty 3D printer. Imagine u getting a 3D print of your cell phone and showing off that u have 2 :D ...... sounds cool?? wait :P u'll need to spend about $10000-$1million
to buy a 3D printer.. :D
As right now the printer cost is huge, therefore  its not viable to get one for personal use but hopefully in future with more advancement in tech. and may be more competition in this field we will get a rather cheap 3D printer in the market. 
Some interesting facts about 3D printer/printing-

  • The printing process is really time consuming... with simple small object taking around 1-2 hrs to get printed and bigger, more complex objects taking a whole day or 2 :O
  • A 3D printer works by taking a 3D computer file and constructing from it a series of cross-sectional slices. Each slice is then printed one on top of the other to create the 3D object.
Have a look at this really nice picta! click me!



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