Monday, July 11, 2011

New generation Wallpapers for windows 7 and vista!

The era of STATIC Wallpaper is about to get over with the introduction of DYNAMIC wallpapers.

Dynamic wallpapers are a kind of wallpaper + screen saver program that runs on the desktop of any PC having windows7 or vista as the OS.

U can download the OKOZO DESKTOP software to have access to loads of fun and fascinating dynamic wallpapers.

There are 6 categories in all ( right now ) in okozo... namely -

  1. Abstract- this category comprises of ABSTRACT wallpapers that cant be customized but give ur desktop a pleasing look :) My personal favorite in this category is THE PARTICLE STORM.
  2. Cartoons- this contains a number of cartoon / funny animated wallpapers.
  3. Clocks- contains a number of animated digital and analog clocks.. USEFUL :) 
  4. Galleries-This is the best category according to me because we can customize it by using our own images and adding them to a particular wallpaper and then using them as the dynamic wallpaper :)  my favorite in it is the BACKGROUND ROTATOR.
  5. Interactive- this is the funny and best category to pass time with :D it consists of animated wallpapers having different characters ( like insects, hamsters, cars, etc) that respont to our mouse pointer. My personal favorite is the HAMSTER.
  6. Other- this has a list of some other wallpapers which are also pretty cool and my favorite is FALLING LEAVES :) 


  1. Goto the website link mentioned at the end of this post ( but 1st read the complete post! ).
  2. Download the OKOZO software from the homepage, you can see a DOWNLOAD tab on top right corner of homepage.
  3. You will need to have the latest updated ADOBE flash player ( dont worry, if you dont have it, then OKOZO will itself ask you to install it, u just have to follow the instructions during installation ).
  4. Once u have the software installed ( u'll get its icon in the system tray), you can download wallpapers by clicking on the WALLPAPERS button in the software. (see image below).
  5. Before downloading, when u click on a wallpaper, u'll be able to see its preview and u can interact with it using your pointer in the window. (cool huh!)
  6. Once you have downloaded the wallpaper double click on it to install it, open the OKOZO software and click on RELOAD tab. You'll get the wallpaper in a few seconds and there you go :) 
  7. The wallpapers which can be customized have a CONFIGURE tab also ( see image below ).
  8. To use the selected wallpaper, click APPLY (see image below again :P ) . 

Thats all guys, i hope this post was helpful and news to you :) 


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