Thursday, July 21, 2011

Colorful Folders in Windows!!

Bored of YELLOW folders? I am, and I guess you all are too. Today I am going to introduce you to a software I came to know about recently. Before giving you its download link, here are its basic features-

  • Its just 1.6MB
  • Its trial version is free for 1 month, its full version will cost you 9.95$ or you can download it for free using torrentz ill-legally :D
  • Its really useful because you can highlight (give a different color) an important folder and it can be located within a blink of an eye!
  • You can get colorful folders :D its a treat in itself!

Here is a sample of colorful folders
* After installing the software, Right Click on the folder you want to highlight, and you will notice a tab FOLDER HIGHLIGHT... use it to proceed, and then Refresh your screen to see the result :)

See this image for help > 

DOWNLOAD / BUY NOW!               

Hope you found this post useful, share you thoughts in comment section.. Thank you. 



Yea...folder looks very colorful

Wow. its a great tip. Thanks for sharing this.

I always wanted to do it but didn't know how to do this. Thanks for sharing this.


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